Pension Consolidation

Have you worked in a number of different places over the years?

If so you may have accrued several different pension plans and each of the scheme values will vary. It can be difficult to keep track of how they are performing and if you are still on target to meet your retirement needs. Older plans can be more expensive and limited on investment choice with poorly performing funds. The paperwork can be confusing and enough to put you off becoming more proactive.

You may be approaching retirement? Can your pensions offer you the full flexibility of the new freedom and choice legislation?

Consolidating everything into one easy-to-manage-pension may be a solution. However, it is important to understand what kind of pensions you have and whether it is to your benefit to move all, some or none of these before retirement.

Here at People and Business we regularly advise our clients on the options available to them for consolidating pensions and would like to help you too. Of course there are instances when it would not be advisable to consolidate and we will certainly tell you if this is the case. Our approach is to set out all your options and the implications of each, in order to help you make an informed decision.  Please contact our independent financial advisers at People and Business. Click here.