Investing for Inheritance Tax Efficiency

There has been a lot of publicity around increases to allow married couples to bequeath a home valued at up to £1 million pounds to their children, free of tax, by 2020. However, the reality is that the Treasury are recording record sums collected through Inheritance Tax year after year.

Inheritance Tax planning is difficult, because none of us know how long we are going to live or how much access we will need to our capital in the future.

Here at People and Business we can offer Inheritance Tax planning to suit your needs and objectives such as access to income on capital.

Often Inheritance Tax planning involves the use of Trusts, which themselves can come in a wide variety of forms, and are subject to legislative change. We can assist you by investing your money into Trusts for children or grandchildren or other beneficiaries.

You can do a lot to prevent having to pay 40% tax on wealth above the nil rate band. Quality independent financial advice provides expertise to cover will and estate planning, access to the right financial products and changes to legislation.

We provide Inheritance Tax planning advice, which is focussed on simplifying this complex area and helping you meet your objectives.

To use our wealth of knowledge and expertise to plan for Inheritance Tax efficiency contact us today at People and Business. Click here.