Pension Review

Are you looking forward to Financial Freedom, that day when you no longer need to work? Pensions are normally one of the main assets used to secure a happy, secure retirement but are often neglected or not utilised properly.

When you talk to most people about pensions, they’re more confused than they’ve ever been. Throughout their working lives most people collect a number of different pension plans that are then parked in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about until they mature. This is common practice, but not good practice.

There are several factors that will affect their performance:

  • The legislation that was in place when it was set up
  • Features and/or guarantees
  • Changes – from low cost, to too expensive
  • Investment proposition – from limited to extensive

You need to review your pension to ensure that you are going to receive the right amount of money at the right time for your retirement. Working with our independent financial advisers at People and Business we can use our extensive knowledge and expertise to review your existing pension plans and plan for imminent or future retirement. To contact us with any queries, click here.