The value of any cash you hold will be eroded over time by inflation. To protect your money against the impact of inflation and achieve real growth, it is necessary to invest your money. Most people are familiar with individual savings accounts (ISA’s). There are an enormous range of potential investments available to you. Your choice is likely to affect:

  • The likely returns of your investment
  • Tax treatment of earnings
  • Flexibility of access to your investment
  • Level of risk attached to your investment
  • Inheritance planning

Investments can be a great way of building up funds for your pension or just for bigger discretionary spends. It is a perfect way to help growing businesses whilst gaining a profit for yourself in the long run.

Of course investments are not without their risks and should be done carefully and correctly to reduce any potential downfalls. A Financial Adviser at People and Business is on hand to help you identify your goals and attitude to risk and invest your money, making the best decisions for your circumstances. If you have any questions regarding investment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here.