Investing for Income

When you invest for income you put your money into a fund or a range of funds that is designed to pay out an income at regular intervals. An income investment approach may be right for you if you’re in, or are approaching, retirement and want to use your savings to help fund your retirement. Investing for income could also be a good approach if you need to pay school fees or meet other regular expenses.

Investment income can also be reinvested and compounded over time to boost capital growth. Some investment funds are specifically designed to produce growth and income, while you can also construct a diversified portfolio of equity, bond and multi-asset funds to achieve a good balance between growth potential and income generation.

We will work with you to understand your specific requirements, risk profile, tax position and objectives; we will use this information to choose the optimum investment to match your requirements.

There are many investment products that can produce a regular income for you; please contact our team of experienced independent financial advisers to assist you through the decision making process to achieve your investment goals. To contact us, click here.