Group Income Protection

Employees are 3-times more likely to be out of work long term due to an illness than they are to die during their working life.

Much like personal income protection, group income protection offers your employees the stability of a steady income if they become too ill to work. Group income protection can also assist employees return to work.

Income protection cover gives all employees the stability they need from a business. This cover can help your employee to support their family during periods of illness that leave them unable to work.

The insurance of long term absences helps businesses implement early intervention and insurer involvement to rehabilitate staff back to work as soon as possible. This offers both the employer and employee a quick return to the work place and helps you keep the business running smoothly and employees are able to support their family.

Plans can be structured in a variety of different ways to suit your business needs. If you have any enquiries about group income protection for your business, please contact us here at People and Business. Click here.