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Paul Davies

The transfer of my pension from my previous employer to a private pension was a ‘massive’ decision and required a number of personal and financial considerations to be taken in to account. Thanks to your understanding of my requirements, and more importantly your knowledge of the financial sector, you were able to investigate and report back with the options available to me – and then take time to discuss in some detail.

As a result I transferred to a private pension and I am so pleased that I made that ‘massive’ and important decision.

I also fully appreciate that you are personally able to fully review my financial circumstances on an annual basis to assess past performance and my future requirements.


Paul Davies                                                                                                                                         9th March 2019

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Phil Hart

Just a quick email to say tomorrow is my last day at The Co-operative Bank Plc – without your help this could have been in another 7 years time!


Phil Hart                                                                                                                 20th December 2018

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Cheryl McCann

The recommendations made to me about your services have proved invaluable. Your sound advice given in “layman’s” terms and the technical in-depth knowledge of the industry and markets has given me the confidence that I have definitely made the right choice transferring my pension fund.

You and your company have a professional approach, and always keep me updated with appointments, agendas and follow up notes.


Cheryl McCann                                                                                                      24th October 2018

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Les Simms

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the help and guidance over the last year in setting up my retirement account and the ongoing support. I look forward to our continued association.

Les Simms                                                                                                                                                               25th May 2018

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John Powell

I have used the services and professional acumen of Steve Speed for many years. In this time he has offered me sound financial advice and planning and I trust his guidance and understanding of the markets completely. I have recommended him to a number of our own clients who have also been very complementary about People and Business.

John Powell                                                                                                                        4th January 2018

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Debbie & John Penfold

We have dealt with People and Business IFA for a few years now and have been really pleased with the service provided. Steve’s in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and the products available have been invaluable. We have definitely benefited from his advice and look forward to dealing with him for many years to come.

Debbie & John Penfold                                                                                                  18 December 2017

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Denise Fetches

When we first met 8 or 9 years ago, you guided me on investing an old pension that had been sitting in cash. I am now looking forward to retiring in a far more privileged position; in addition to paying off the mortgage, the fund still exceeds the original amount invested and will shortly be providing me with a very nice income. All of this has been made possible by your help and advice.

Denise Fetches                                                                 13 Dec 2017

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Mr Tom Steele

I am delighted with the service that Steve, and his colleagues at People and Business IFA, provides for me.  I find the charges very reasonable and the advice is always tailored to my specific needs.

Furthermore, I am extremely pleased with the performance of my pension investments over the entire period I have been with Steve; many thanks

Tom Steele

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Ms Barbara Hodgson

Pensions and Investments are such complicated areas and it’s daunting when you think that you need to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life.  The advice I receive from Steve is clear and simply put.  He takes to the time to understand my personal circumstances and gives me options that are easy to take in so that I can make up my mind with confidence.

His pro-active approach to customer service means that I can relax knowing that he and his team are there when I need them, and that my investments are being well managed, letting me get on with enjoying my retirement!

Barbara Hodgson

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Mr Graham Bower

Steve and his support team have demonstrated a genuine interest and understanding of my situation. They have provided me with all the information that I have needed to make some key decisions with my future financial planning. Steve always provides an extremely professional service which is backed by his considerable knowledge and expertise.

– Graham Bower