General Advice/Protection

Julian, a self employed Designer, is happily married to Gillian and has two young children, Ben and Megan. Julian has made enquiries for a pension.

Following a thorough Fact Find it was pointed out to Julian that this is not his priority. Julian has only a little life cover against their mortgage.

We discussed the potential impact of not having adequate life cover in place on his young family and Julian and Gillian took the following actions following our recommendations:

  • Put wills in place
  • Applied for a single life cover policy each.
  • Placed the new life covers in trust at inception

Julian and Gillian now feel comfortable that they have this basic foundation of life cover protecting their family. This has been done at low cost leaving funds for pension funding.

The pension for Julian can now be addressed.

Additional Notes
This case study is based on real clients but names have been changed for confidentiality.
Life cover based on low cost term assurance over a fixed period.

Other life cover options are available.
Business owners could arrange life cover more efficiently.

Additional covers such as critical illness cover and income protection could be appropriate.