Team No Comments

‘It’s now been over 5 years since I was introduced to Steve Speed and the team at People and Business and I’m pleased to share that they are still doing a great job with their investment advise despite the challenges we are currently all experiencing.

In fact, in my case, I’ve gone a step further and decided to retire recently. However, before doing this, I had a lengthy (open and honest) conversation with Steve about our future plans and how our investments would meet these needs as well as being careful enough to plan for the unexpected. As ever, Steve was able to provide solid advice based on his considerable knowledge and experience and also to guide as to the most tax efficient way to draw funds.

I still maintain that Steve is one of the most dedicated professional people I have ever met, but at the same time approaches his work in a very relaxed and personable style and I would have no hesitation of recommending his services and that of People and Business.’

Graham B – Greater Manchester – 15/12/2021